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The Escape Room

Change the past to save the present! Take on the role as Moment Alterer: a secret agent in one of M.A.Z.E. Corporation’s missions, and travel back in time to change history and by that secure the safety of our society today.

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The Card Game

A 1920 style card game where the goal is to be the first player to reach the top of the social hierarchy, and trow the greatest party. Lie, scam gamble, steal, and spread rumors on your way to the top of the pyramid.

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The VR Film

A virtual reality roadmovie inside the head of Gatsby, shown in an actual moving car. You are put in the point of view of the party king stuck in an eternal loop of expensive booze where pills equals happiness and sex equals power.

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The Adventure Bar

You will start in the coal mines and work your way to the top. You know what’s waiting there. You know what it will be: the greatest party Gatsby has ever thrown as well as an immersive adventure bar where you have to play the game to get a drink.

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