The Gatsby Maze - Escape Room


Change the past to save the present! 

Take on the role as Moment Alterer: a secret agent in one of M.A.Z.E. Corporation’s missions, and travel back in time to change history and by that secure the safety of our society today.

History is a web of errors: accidental as well as deliberate. These errors have had devastating consequences. M.A.Z.E.Corp has developed a technique for preventing these errors, saving millions of lives and ending crimes against humanity. This is not a small task, but we know you are the right one to fulfill it.

As a Moment Alterer you will travel back in time to a historically important event and try to stop the “Bad Guys” before they manage to influence history.
If you succeed the bad deeds are forever undone – history will have changed, and our world will be a little brighter.

To become a Moment Alterer you simply have to secure your time-slot here on this page. Once your booking has been confirmed there can be no cancellations, refunds or reschedules made. The available times and dates are found when you follow the booking link above.

Please be at the address 10 minutes before your starting time. In order for us to keep our schedule we cannot postpone our ending times, so if you are late, you’ll have less time to play. No specific abilities are necessary, however our location unfortunately isn’t adapted for wheelchairs yet.


How many can we be at the same time?
Moment Alterers travel in groups of 3 or 4, no more, no less.

What is the language of the game?
The performances as well as all information will be in English but the team can talk Swedish and still be understood.

What is an escape room?
Escape rooms are live games in which you are locked in a room with your fellow participants and together you have to find clues and solve puzzles you find in order to finish your mission on time — and get out of the door in an hour.

How much does it cost?
It costs 960 SEK for 3 people and 1280 SEK for 4 people. 320 SEK per person.

What makes The Gatsby Maze Escape Room special?
The Gatsby Maze is not an ordinary escape room. It contains live acting, VR experiences and once you enter our doors you step into the total fiction of the M.A.Z.E. Corp.

Where is The Gatsby Maze Escape Room located?
We are located in central Malmö at Stortorget 9. See the map below.


«Totally epic! Have been doing escapes all over the world, but this one is special! Masterpiece!»

“I loved The Gatsby Maze. It is a genius and mind twisting business.”

«This was brilliant, perfection to the bone, a little mind *bleep* and so much fun. Perfect! Just perfect!»

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Your future, Our design

– M.A.Z.E. Corp